Image by Michael peach
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


Those interested in the long standing history of the German Army and the accurate portrayal of the professional soldiers and conscripts who fought during the second world war.

3PGD serves as an umbrella organization for hobbyists interested in pursing a wide variety of possible impressions in the context of a front line Division. Within the organization exist subgroups of reenactors who pursue their particular avenue of interest. This may include: Pioneer, Artillery, Armor, Infantry, Clerks, Cooks, Mechanics, Communications Specialists etc., all of whom coalesce behind our core unit impression, and the breadth of possibilities that could be encountered on a divisional level.

We tend to attract a more experienced reenactor, one who has come to similar conclusions about what experiences they seek to garner from the hobby; and wish to extract more than a fleeting sense of accomplishment by blasting 15 guys in the course of a fake battle and then arguing with them to take hits. The latter typically ends in disappointment, animosity, and hobby burnout. Those seeking a holistic approach to the hobby is the mindset we appeal to.