Image by Michael peach
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


Members must comply with uniform standards. Default uniform is wool/continental unless wear of tropical uniform/equipment specifically authorized. Uniform must be complete with all insignia appropriate for impression. Use of garments not specifically authorized (camo, etc.) is forbidden.

Members must comply with hygiene standards. Clean shaven with a correct period type haircut unless otherwise specifically authorized per event.

Members must keep their gear neatly stowed, police their areas for trash, present a neat physical appearance, show proper military courtesy, and comply with expectations regarding personal space in the tent, in barracks, etc.

Members must be willing to submit to period-type inspections of gear, uniform, and personal areas to ensure compliance with standards.

Members must be prepared to follow orders within command structure and must be willing to get outside comfort zone as ordered/needed. Members must be willing to perform basic interunit communal and individual tasks as needed including guard duty, meal preparation, tent set-up, rifle drill and marching, formations, etc.

Unit leadership will make every effort to provide members with expectations in advance on an event-by-event basis. If an event is likely to include sleep deprivation, exposure to weather, or other potential hardships, this information will be made available and members can decide for themselves whether or not to attend. By attending an event you are buying in to the plan and agree to participate in unit activities as outlined above.

Members must understand commands of rifle drill, marching and formations and will attend training sessions (either training events, or training sessions within the context of other events)

Members are expected to avoid any and all modern or anachronistic items and to present an impression entirely consistent with the period portrayed.