Image by Michael peach
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


Our authenticity standards are top notch, carefully researched by some of the most knowledgeable collectors in the hobby to provide a balance of realism. What we permit is very specific, yet also flexible to reflect real world considerations. We do not mandate that recruits have the best of everything. However, it is required that members meet minimum standards which certainly sets a very high bar. There are substandard uniform/gear options available in the market that will be rejected outright. Be mindful that our authenticity officer will scrutinize any preexisting gear you may own for compliance. Any new gear purchased should also be in accordance with our recommendations. For information regarding specifics on uniform requirements.

Club Events can vary from a wide range of experiences, from simple work party's to repair equipment and vehicles, public interaction at display events, to working through tactical scenarios during combat events. Uniform standards for any event, and level of grooming required, may fluctuate. For the most part, all events we perform in uniform require that facial hair is removed, and hair is properly trimmed. Other events may relax these standards somewhat to recreate a battle worn look.


One area that requires deeper explanation. During the events or times we designate as “immersion” we focus on what we call creating “Zone.” This is an attempt to work collectively as a group to create and live life as a world war to soldier. To make a continuous effort to remain in character, in a true first person portrayal built around a persona of each individuals creation.

As New Englanders, it is hoped many of you have visited Plymoth Bay Colony and witnessed the high degree of sophistication their living historians put into their portrayal. We seek to interact with each other in a similar way, even when the public is not around. This is the level we strive towards. Knowing German language, while encouraged, is not required. However, you will no-doubt pick it up as your experience grows. We attempt to use as much Deutsch as possible but mix that in with English in what we consider a “Hunt for Red October“ approach to translation where any English spoken is simply interpreted and understood to be German.

More importantly, during these times we seek to eliminate the modern day from our events in both its physical and mental realm. Modern anachronistic items are generally banished from these style of events resulting in interaction with items reflective of the time-frame and vignette we wish to present. During these immersion events we want to hear about the happenings of your pretend persona, your wife at home in Germany, how she is handling the war, etc.? What you did in do in your civilian life? What news has come from your German hometown?

What we do takes some extra mental effort but interestingly an amazing amount of dialog about your real life happenings can be conveyed by simply saying what news you received via feldpost. For example, “A former coworker wrote me, and mentioned there has been a great increase in the amount of production of war material at my old factory and the foreman has been on edge” As a way letting your reenactment friends know that in modern life, you’ve been busy at work and the boss has been a jerk!

What we don’t want to hear during an effort to be “In the zone” is discussion of current events, what happened during the Pat’s game, or the deal you scored at Billy-bob's guns store, etc. There is always time for that prior to events and at club meetings. Enevitably, however someone or something will shatter the mood and everyone let’s out a disapproving groan, but it is still all in fun. It can really be something amazing to experience when minutes or even hours can go by without a single reference to the modern world. It is pure escapism to a second life. The life you create as a WW2 German soldier.

Due to these high and some might say “quirky” expectations our approach to the hobby is not for everyone. We are not the biggest unit, nor would we want to be. We enjoy working beside like minded reenactors and units and welcome you to experience this type of reenacting if you have not already done so as one more aspect of the hobby.