Image by Michael peach
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group



Reenacting is a participant driven hobby. To be a remain an active member 3PGD requires participation in at least one event annually. After this, your level of overall participation becomes a personal decision that we will always respect. You are given free will to attend whatever events you wish. It is our policy not to coerce member attendance. We want to craft event experiences that will actively engage you, and allow your experience to flourish.

Our unit fluctuates between 10-20 members annually with attendance typically around 50%. We understand that not everyone can attend every event we do. Many of our members are parents, husbands, and professionals, and are no strangers to the realities and responsibilities of real-life and its effect on participation in the hobby.

Our unit has an active online forum, and conducts monthly get togethers for keeping in dialog open in-between events. Just like soldaten coming back from leave our friendships at events pick up where they left off.

For each event we sanction (typically there is one club function/month), we appoint an individual to function as the “Event Coordinator.” This person(s) is the liaison for coordinating the scenario, activities, and details for that specific event. Our Event Coordinator(s) will describe the parameters using an “Event Primer” that discusses the historical vignette, Uniform standards and expectations which will be communicated in advance. It then becomes each members responsibility to indicate their intent to opt in for each experience and comply with the parameters for that event.


In 3PGD we understand that different styled events appeal to different people. Therefore, we permit our members to attend whichever style events they wish. Some events may include some combination of the following below depending upon the event itself. Tactical Style Events: Combat oriented war-game nature. Public Display Style Events: Educational in nature and geared to public interaction. Unit Training Events: Help hone our members skills Immersion Events: Attempt to closely mimic soldiers daily life in as realistic context as possible.