Image by Michael Peach
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


The 3rd Panzergrenadier Division living history group has participated in numerous film projects across the New England area. We have an extensive supply of authentic World War II military vehicles, equipment, and uniforms from both the Axis and the Allied military units. We are always open to working on new projects within New England. Please contact us if you have a project for which you need WWII-era props or extras. We would be happy to consult with you. The following is a list of films we have collaborated on:

Image by The Fallen 2004

Image by Honor Deferred 2006

Image by Rommel and the Plot Against Hitler 2006

Image by Patton 360° 2009

Image by Shutter Island 2010

Image by Last Letters from Monte Rosa 2010

Image by Confession 2011

Image by Subconfscious 2014