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3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group

Guildlines and New Recruit Section


Equipment: Required

Equipment: Personal (Optional)


(ONLY uniforms and equipment listed are allowed.
If it is not listed, it is NOT allowed.)

See Required equipment for a list of the items which all members of the unit are required to own and maintain. This is your "kit" and is the core of your impression of a Wehrmacht soldier. To help guide your purchases and enable you to care for them properly, we have, in many cases, been able to provide information on how these items should fit and how to maintain them. This information is from the 1942 guidebook "Hilfsbuch fuer den Hauptfeldwebel." We have also listed some suggested vendors who sell quality reproductions of these items, as well as, in some cases, typical prices for brand-new reproductions of these items. Availability of these items can change from week to week as vendors sell out of items or restock them, or new reproductions are introduced to the market.

Our unit impression is an important part of what makes us who we are. We try to maintain a uniform look while tailoring our unit impression to individual event scenarios where appropriate. 3. Panzergrenadier-Division was reformed and refitted in 1943 and our uniform guidelines were created to reflect the historical reality of the Division's wartime record.

A note on costs and sources: The prices quoted are what you can expect to pay for brand new items from the listed dealers. Many times items can be bought used from other reenactors at events or on the internet for much lower prices. Also, dealers often sell out of various items so it is unlikely that all dealers will have all items in stock at any time. The prices and sources are simply a guide to give you an idea how much the various items cost brand new and where they can be purchased. Many of these items can also be purchased from vendors in package deals, which is a very economical way to purchase uniforms and equipment. At The Front sells a "complete German Heer impression" which is the most economical way to get everything.

A note on the use of original items: We do allow original items to be used. However, WWII artifacts are now more than 60 years old, and may no longer be suitable for field use. Leather and canvas are organic substances, subject to decay, and can become very fragile with the passage of time. Original items are collectible and have collector value which may be destroyed as the condition of the item worsens over the course of several reenactments. Once original items are gone, they are gone forever. Therefore, we strongly recommend obtaining new reproductions or postwar items when they are of good quality and are cost-effective.