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3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


Gefechtstross-9/Gren. Rgt (mot.) 8

Who We Are

Unit Coordinators Statement

1st Gruppe- 9/Gren. Rgt (mot.) 8

1st Gruppe is comprised of reenactors whose interest is in conducting a field-based combat impression. German soldiers often lived in field conditions for extended periods of time without engaging in actual combat. Warfare they say is 95% boredom combined with 5% Sheer terror. During these times soldiers perform day-to-day field duties such as constructing defensive positions, manning observations posts, constant recon patrols, guard duty, and running messages to rear areas. Recreating such field-based vignettes is the primary focus of 1st Gruppe. Which depending on the vignette may adopt a wide range of combat impressions which might include being Riflemen, manning an Antitank Cannon or MG nest, or Working as part of a combined platoon of combat troops as part of a rifle squad attempting to achieving objectives as tactical events mandate.