Image by Michael peach
3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


Who We Are

1st Gruppe- 9/Gren. Rgt (mot.) 8

Unit Coordinators Statement

Gefechtstross-9/Gren. Rgt (mot.) 8

The Gefechtstross portrays the support elements of a Grenadierkompanie. Through this impression, it is our goal to support the reenactment community at large, in a collaborative way utilizing the unique equipment and vehicles we have at our disposal, to simulate whenever possible the components of the "Gefechtstross," or support services of a fighting unit. Here the portrayal focuses more on a rear area vignette which may have been some distance from the HKL. This typically includes a Kompanie Schreibstube where paperwork and administrative duties are handled, The Hauptquartier where orders are generated and received, The "goulashkanone" or field kitchen which provides nourishment to hungry troops. Additionally, there are support services such as leather-smiths and armorers, and mechanics. Within our living history group we have messengers, cooks, cobblers, transportation, communication, and administrative personnel all committed to their support roles and working with like-minded units.