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3rd Panzergrenadier Division
A Living History Group


Thank you for considering membership in 3PGD. Reenacting/Living History is a great hands-on, existential history lesson that you will not gain from any book, TV show, movie, documentary, or museum. Plus, it is a great deal of fun, as well. The following covers some basic information about us, the recruitment process, costs, policies etc. If you have previous reenacting experience, then some of this information will likely be familiar.


People are drawn to reenacting for various reasons. Our unit is made up of a very diverse group, which includes both students and professionals, current and former military personal, and people from all walks of life. Some of our members have been reenacting for 20 years, others for less than 6 months. Some are really into the war-game aspect, some are firearm or vehicle enthusiasts, and some are passionate about history, or militaria collecting, or any combinations of many different things.

What we all share in 3PGD, is the desire to work together as a group friends to make great experiences at the events we attend.

There is a place for everyone in WWII reenacting, but not necessarily a place for everyone in 3PGD. We work closely together with other units and have an excellent reputation hobby-wide. Different units have various nuanced approaches to reenacting. We encourage that you explore these differences and choose a unit that most closely echoes what you would like out of participation in the hobby. Choosing the right club for yourself is one of the most important decisions you will make as a new re-enactor. You need to find a group whose ethos is in line with your own, a place you feel comfortable and at home with the people who make up the club. This can mean the difference between making costly and unnecessary purchases, to a complete dissatisfaction in ones decision, which ultimately results in leaving the hobby. We want members who see themselves thriving as part of our organization for many years to come. We are looking for those individuals willing to dedicate themselves to a realistic portrayal, who are team-players both ready to learn and contribute effort when needed to make our impression successful.

Rest assured, our authenticity standards are amongst the best in the hobby researched by some of the most knowledgeable collectors in the hobby. Our main focus is on Camaraderie and reasonable historical accuracy to provide our members with a maximum amount of realism, and glimpse into time travel. We take our unit impression seriously and put great pride in wearing the Emblem of our unit. We attempt at all times to present a professional image out of respect to those who served this division during a horrible time in mankind's history. We have conducted exhaustive research into the historical aspects of 3. Panzergrenadier Division and seek to build our impression around it's historical record.

Some examples of how members past and present contributed in this regard include:
o Translating the official almost 400 page Divisional History into English
o Conducted interviews with Divisional veterans and relatives.
o Participated in the official remembrance ceremony at the Divisional grave-site in Bedburg, Germany
o Collected a number of artifacts including original photographs, newsletters, documents, and other materials related to the associated units of the Division.

We like to believe we are helping preserve some measure of history through these actions. For more information please refer to the History Section of our site which is always in development.


Reenacting is primarily a regional hobby. Our unit is based in Rhode Island with the majority of our membership living in Southern New England area. Primarily our events take place in the North East region From PA to NY and throughout New England. If you do not live in the greater New England area, then 3PGD is likely not the best unit for you as there will be quality units closer to you where you can participate more frequently in area club gatherings. We want members who can realistically attend our events and club meetings on a reasonable basis and so should you. Our unit fluctuates typically between 10-20 members with attendance typically being 50% as not everyone can attend every event we do.

For information on Attendance Requirements


Our entry-level age to join as a full-fledged member of 3PGD is 18 Years of age. No one under the age of 16 is allowed to join unless a minor has a parent/guardian as an active member of 3PGD, who will be present during the events in which the minor wishes to participate.


The usual the way recruitment process works is in three stages:

Step 1: Outreach
Please look through all the info on our site. We generally expect that any prospective member fits within our Age/Area/Authenticity (AAA) requirements. Once contact is made typically our unit coordinator will reach out to you to answer any specific questions you may have we invite you to a unit meeting.

Step 2: Welcome to the Club:
These informal meetings are usually held once/month at one of our member's homes. During these meetings we talk about the hobby, plan for upcoming events, and meet with potential new members. If you are interested in attending one of these meetings we will provide you with further information, so please get in touch with us. These meetings are great opportunities for potential new members to meet existing members, and to check out some of our unit equipment. If you have read through the information on our site about our philosophy then your continued desire to meet with us speaks volumes about the types of experiences you want out of the hobby.

Step 3: Explore your options.
You will never get a hard sell in 3PGD. You will never hear a lot of bravado or posturing about how great we are, or attempts to marginalize other clubs. Each has their unique approaches and all we regard all as friends. We believe our merits speak for themselves and our long-standing club history and membership reflects that. You should also check into the other area clubs and get a feel for their philosophy either by checking out their webpages or meeting directly with their leadership/members to see which unit seems like the best match for your needs. You owe it to yourself to ask questions about what you can expect and ultimately make a determination about which group will best provide you with the experience you seek.

Step 4: Try us on for size.
The initial cost of reenacting is expensive. We would not want someone to spend a lot of money on equipment to realize that the hobby is not for them. In order to give prospective members a taste of the hobby, we offer loaner gear so that you can experience a Trial Event. We want to make the recruitment process as easy for people as possible without the financial risk. Our annual calendar is located on our web site which is established February/March of each year. Hence, if you are emailing us around Feb/March the web site may not yet be current. Please note not every event is open for potential new recruits so inquire about which options are available.

During this Trial Event, it is hoped the new recruit gets a feel for both the hobby, and 3PGD. We are looking for people who will mesh well with our units personality, professionalism, responsibility, self-reliance, and striving for high authenticity standards. After this Trial Event members of 3PGD will discuss if they feel we will be a good match or if one might be better suited to referral to another area unit.

Step 5: Enlist.
You have done your homework, met the guys, attended an event, and read through and understand our policy regarding uniform purchases and rules. You want in, the feeling is mutual and we would love to have you on board. To formalize your decision, you will meet with the unit coordinator to get set up as a member by agreeing to pay our annual membership fee and are willing to commit to our guidelines of obtaining your gear. Annual Membership Dues are $30/year which helps offset annual club expenses.

Step 6: Grow with the Hobby. The new recruit is then expected to start assembling their kit in a logical fashion. Again, we want to make it easy for people to get into the hobby. Once you have reached this stage of the recruitment process, Our authenticity officer will help guide you along with getting your kit together, and what the expected time-lines are for acquiring specific items. New members are typically given one year to assemble their basic kit.

Reenacting, like any hobby, sport, or activity, costs money to get off the ground. It can be expensive to get started, and this can often be the single biggest issue that prevents many interested people from starting the hobby. The good news is once established, on-going costs, event registration fees and consumables such as food/blanks at events (typically $10-$20), are generally minimal. Carpooling with your fellow members to distant events also helps to defray costs as well. The total cost of getting everything you need for your impression is roughly between $1,000 - $1,500 dollars.